Business Solutions

(1-50 users)
Small Business

Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) 1 to 50 users

A key challenge for most SME businesses is a lack of in-house core ICT competencies. This, coupled with the myriad of suppliers for connectivity, hosted email and web services as well as back-up and storage, leaves a SME business owner understandably frustrated. Click below to preview our one-stop full packaged SME solution designed to remove the ICT headache and provide a single bill and SLA from one provider – iWayAfrica.

Ask us - we started as an entrepreneurial SME and understand the growing pains of an ISP in Africa
(51-100 users)
Medium Business

Medium Enterprise (ME) 51 – 100 users

For those who have outgrown their current provider and its telecoms products. They require more bandwidth, bigger and more secure data storage, VPN connectivity between 2nd and 3rd branch offices, multiple access options - fixed and mobile and data, internet, voice and video is a must across the enterprise. Click below for further information and we will direct you to our experienced account executives and skilled technical resources to design a solution customised to suit your exact requirements.

Contact us and be assured that as a Medium Enterprise based in Africa, we have the solution that fits your needs
(100+ users)
Large Business

Large Corporate 101 + users

ICT is no longer an optional extra in a large business environment, it is integral. No longer simply an internet connection, corporate VPN service, office-wide secure Wi-Fi solutions or a multi-national MPLS across your head office and partners in other countries – everything revolves around an effective service level agreement that delivers on the core business ICT needs. We offer a complete end-to-end ICT solution that will encompass a single monthly OPEX without the need for any large capital expenditure. We offer a fully leased service and 24 x 7 managed SLA with ongoing upgrades and product renewals as your business expands.

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