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Multinational Corporations: Network Solutions

Network solutions

Looking for a wide area network for Africa? Our VSAT and submarine cable technology allows us to create wide area networks across continent, allowing all your branches to connect to the same network for quick, secure and reliable file-sharing and conferencing. For multinational corporations we provide the following networks:

Wide area networks

Crossing national, provincial, metropolitan or international boundaries, our WANs are ideally suited for large and multinational companies. As the largest converged ICT service provider in Africa, we specialize in high-end satellite and terrestrial fibre corporate data networks. Our networks guarantee availability in accordance with international standards. This means a constant, steady network with limited interruptions throughout our footprint.

Local area network

Connecting each branch to your Wide Area Network, iWayAfrica's offers advanced Local Area Network solutions with onsite support. Whether by terrestrial fibre or wireless broadband, we can create each of your branches internal networks and then connect those to the wide area network. Contact us for a world-class converged ICT solution.