AfricaOnline Ghana launches iManage suite of services
2 November 2016

AfricaOnline, Ghana’s leading ISP and a Gondwana International Networks (GIN) subsidiary, has unveiled its latest product offering with the launch of iManage, a suite of IT managed services. Aimed at solving the myriad of IT issues within a business, users of the iManage suite of service will enjoy a safer and more secure corporate network. 

“iManage enables IT managers to focus on productivity and operational management. We focus on making the IT function run smoothly, while supporting the business on every other level too,” said Darren Osborn, MD SevenC, AfricaOnline’s strategic partner for iManage services.

Mr. Kwadwo Asumaning, MD AfricaOnline Ghana, says that AfricaOnline has been a trusted corporate connectivity player in Ghana since 1997: “The company has a strong legacy as an ISP, but we have evolved over the past two decades into a reputable IT partner. By taking customers beyond connectivity, we can now successfully offer new exciting services.”

iManage has already been launched across the continent by parent company, Gondwana International Networks, a Pan-African telecommunications provider, trading as iWayAfrica and AfricaOnline.

Called LinExchange, this flagship service offering within iManage, encompasses the core functions of managing IT services. These include enterprise grade email, centralised file and document storage, firewall and security, backups and redundancy, as well as archiving for compliance and audit purposes.

iManage requires no upfront CAPEX investment for hardware or software and is based on an ongoing support level agreement between AfricaOnline and the customer. One monthly recurring payment is all one needs to enjoy the immense benefits of iManage. The service is fully hosted in Ghana; thus no additional international traffic costs will be incurred for offsite cloud solutions. Operated locally, iManage also stores data in the cloud for additional levels of redundancy.

The service is currently active in Ghana with a 1,000 end-users already provisioned on the iManage platform.

For more information, please contact Rudolf Baah on +233 322011823 or by email at or visit

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