- World Vision Uganda

"This is to confirm that we are using the iWay service in Uganda provided by Afsat Communications U Ltd (iWayAfrica). We have been using this service since mid 2003 and have experienced a reliable service because of its direct single hop link to the Internet backbone."

- Khalia Salim, PLAN International

"I do appreciate the efficiency AFSAT (iWayAfrica) has its technology and I want PLAN and AFSAT to continue this relationship"

- Kenton College

"Our decision to install iWay in 2004 after a year’s trouble-free use has entirely vindicated. We have a fast connection to the web, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter what the weather, with no lost dialing up numbers or waiting for access. This is especially important during whole class when our roof-top satellite dish keeps our children connected to the internet and to the world."

- Kakira Sugar

"We were persuaded to be one of the companies to exploit the opportunities given by VSAT and we are delighted it has proved to be efficient. During all this time, I have had the opportunity of working closely with the team members of Afsat communication (iWayAfrica), and I should admit Afsat communication (iWayAfrica) has a great team driven by passion and ownership. It is great to work with the said team."

- SRC (Angola)

"We have worked with several providers, both in the country and elsewhere, but unfortunately none of them could in fact meet this requirement. In some cases because the costs were unbearable and in other cases the reliability was questionable. Only after getting to know Afsat (iWayAfrica) and been appointed as distributor in December 2002, we have managed to completely solve the problem. Since then all our customers have been enjoying not only a reliable and anywhere Internet access, but cheap as well."

- Pronet Africa Ltd.

"Your billing for various services is timely, correct and comprehensive. There have been very few instances when we have had need to query your invoices."

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  • Wireless

    Wireless Broadband

    The provision of broadband services via terrestrial wireless networks serving consumer, SME and corporate markets

  • VSAT


    High-speed broadband services, via VSAT, offers connectivity to users in rural and remote regions in Africa

  • Wi-Fi


    Managed Wi-Fi access for public hotspots, gated communities etc. with full billing solutions

  • MPLS


    Connect multiple branch offices across cities and countries on a secure Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) connection

  • Leased


    Guaranteed bandwidth to business markets using copper, wireless links and fibre for IP transit and last mile connectivity

  • VAS


    Value-added services such as web and mail hosting, managed infrastructure hosting and disaster recovery

  • VOIP


    Offer quality voice over IP calls on our carrier grade voice switches hosted in our datacentres located across Africa.


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